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Resident Life
In Their Own Words

"I was immediately drawn to Loyola on my interview day. I found both residents and attendings incredibly down to earth and easy to talk to, and that continues to be true with the new people I meet. We try to have fun at work with teams in both medicine and pediatrics, which can make all the difference on those difficult days. I moved quite far from home to train here at Loyola, but the med-peds residents and staff here are so supportive that I can't imagine being happier training somewhere else."
Brenda Bailey, 2016 Graduate

"I decided to stay at Loyola for Med-Peds because the residents and attendings are great to work with, I had a wonderful experience at Loyola as a medical student, and being in Chicago is close to family. There are many Med-Peds attendings at Loyola and they are involved at all levels of our training. My co-residents and our paitents make coming to work a pleasure."
Dan Zinn, 2013 Graduate

"In addition to having a strong Med-Peds presence and getting an excellent Med-Peds training, I have been drawn to Loyola by the "people" and the friendly atmosphere. Residency is challenging anywhere, so it's great to be at a place where you feel at home and supported by those around you. It's good to be reminded that medicine is more than a job, but with a higher purpose in mind. Loyola helps keep me grounded in that sense."
Jude Dumfeh, 2012 Graduate

"When I interviewed for residency at Loyola University Medical Center, I remember feeling that I wanted to be here. Med-Peds physicians are well respected and integrated at this institution. Also, the diversity of the patient population that we see cannot be underestimated... Our program cares for each other. My co-residents are not just that, they are my friends. I know that I made the right choice choosing Loyola."
Hang Turner, 2012 Graduate

"...In the end, all Med-Peds programs provide exceptional education. The important decision now is finding which program will suit you the best, and for me that was Loyola University Medical Center."
Sujan Patel, 2010 Graduate

Brenda Bailey

Daniel Zinn

Jude Dumfeh

Hang Turner

Sujan Patel

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