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Call Schedule
Call schedules vary among rotations and between departments.

New duty hours requirements mandate that no intern works more than 16 hours consecutively and Loyola prides itself on duty hours compliance.

Inpatient services on both Medicine and Pediatrics are structured to optimize educational benefit and minimize patient hand-offs within the constraints of ACGME regulations.

Intern nightlfloat, utilized on both Medicine and Peds, is a means of providing valuable nocturnal patient care experiences. On Pediatrics, nightfloat interns admit patients, provide cross-coverage, and participate in "signout rounds" with the daytime teams that allows direct interaction and feedback from the inpatient attending.

On Medicine, interns also play an important role in the delivery of care. At the Hines VA Hospital, interns have actually been relieved of cross-coverage responsibilities to maximize their participation in new admissions! Internal Medicine's innovative "4+1" system allows all residents - including Med-Peds - to follow each 4-week rotational block with a "+1" ambulatory-based week ending with the protected didactic time of Friday School.

While interns have no scheduled call months, two senior-level Peds rotations - PICU and NICU - continue to feature an every fourth night call frequency. The remainder of your non-intern nocturnal experiences are comprised of nightfloat and random-on-call nights.

All rotations are designed to incorporate at least one day off out of seven.

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