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Vaccines Against Infectious Disease (2010)

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Vaccines Against Infectious Diseases - Special Topics 2010 

This is a literature-based discussion, with 11 sessions. 

The course will start with an overview of pandemic influenza followed by a discussion of immunological memory, mucosal immunity, inflammation and the innate response as well as vaccination of the elderly. Then a team of a basic scientist and a clinician will lead you through the successes and failures of vaccine attempts to eradicate viruses including HIV as well as attempts to combat malaria and bacteria. Also, the role of fungal chitins and asthma will be discussed.

All sessions will start at 12:00 and will be held in Bldg, 120, Room 170, except for Jan. 12, which will be at 5:00 pm in Leischner Hall.

All attendees are expected to have read the papers prior to the session.  The papers for each discussion are (will be)linked below.


01/12/10 5:00 pm, Leischner Hall
"Humans, Birds, Pigs and Pandemic Influenza: Tantalus Revisited" - Gregory Poland, M.D.
01/13/10 Immunological Memory - Makio Iwashima, Ph.D.
01/20/10 Mucosal Immunity - Liang Qiao, M.D. Paper 1 Paper 2
02/03/10 Inflammation - Chris Wiethoff, Ph.D./ John Clancy, Ph.D.
02/10/10  Innate response - Chris Wiethoff, Ph.D./ John Clancy, Ph.D.
03/03/10 Vaccination in Aged Individuals - Phong Le, Ph.D./ John Robinson, M.D. Paper 1 Paper 2
03/10/10 Malarial Vaccines - Bert Lopansri, M.D./ John Clancy, Ph.D. Paper 1 Paper 2 Paper 3
03/24/10 Vaccine Failure - Ed Campbell, Ph.D./  Paul O'Keefe, M.D.
04/07/10 Fungal Chitins and Asthma - John Robinson, M.D./ John Clancy, Ph.D.
04/14/10 Toward Universal Influenza Virus Vaccines - Tom Gallagher, Ph.D./ Jorge Parada, M.D.
05/20/10 Bacterial Vaccines - Katherine Knight, Ph.D./ Dale Gerding, M.D.


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