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Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics

Infectious Disease

Hematology / Oncology


Thoraic and
Cardiovascular Surgery

Research Institutes & Programs
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Research Interests

Susan Baker, Ph.D. Microbiology/ Immunology
Molecular biology and pathogenesis of coronaviruses
Linda Brubaker, M.D. Urology
Surgical outcomes, Incontinence devices, and Incontinence medications
Pauline Camacho, M.D. Endocrinology & Metabolism

Edward Campbell, Ph.D. Micrcobiology/ Immunology  
Molecular biology of HIV-1 and other retroviruses; TRIM alpha and other viral restriction factors.

Malliswari Challapalli
Pediatrics Infectious Disease
John Clancy, Jr., Ph.D. Microbiology/ Immunology  
Role of heat shock proteins in the immune response.

Nina Clark, M.D. Infectious Disease Infections in solid organ and hematopoietic cell transplant recipients
James Cook, M.D. Infectious Disease Adenovirus interactions with the host innate immune response. Anthrax immunopathogenesis and drug discovery for biowarfare agents.
Adam Driks, Ph.D. Microbiology/ Immunology  
Spore formation and function Molecular mechanisms of morphogenesis in bacteria.  Roles of spore surface proteins in disease.
Thomas Gallagher, Ph.D. Microbiology/Immunology  
Molecular Mechanisms of Virus Assembly and Entry.
Dale Gerding, M.D. Infectious Disease  
Molecular analysis of clinical isolates of C. difficile and pathogenesis of C. difficile in a hamster model of infection.
David Hecht, M.D. Infectious Disease  
 DNA transfer, antibiotic resistance, and virulence factors of pathogenic bacteria.
Makio Iwashima Ph.D
Microbiology/ Immunology  
Immunological tolerance and memory; their mechanisms and clinical applications.

Linda Janusek, Ph.D., RN

School of Nursing Psychneuroimmunology of stress in cancer
Stuart Johnson, M.D. Infectious Disease  
C. difficile toxins and pathogenesis, epidemiology and clinical outcomes.
Katherine Knight, Ph.D. Microbiology/ Immunology  
B-lymphocyte development and generation of the antibody repertoire.
Elizabeth Kovacs, Ph.D.

Burn and Shock Trauma Institute

Regulation of inflammation mediators in response to tissue injury, recovery of innate immunity, and aging.
Dennis Lanning, Ph.D. Microbiology/ Immunology
Biofilm-mediated interactions between intestinal commensals and gut-associated lymphoid tissues.
Jennifer Layden, M.D. Infectious Disease  
Phong Le, Ph.D. Microbiology/ Immunology  
Immune reconstitution and role of thymic epithelium in immune tolerance following SCT and aging.
Adriano Marchese, Ph.D.  Pharmacology 
Membrane trafficking of HIV coreceptors.
Herb Mathews, Ph.D. Microbiology/ Immunology  
Immune dysregulation and homeostasis.
J. Paul O'Keefe, M.D. Infectious Disease  
Evaluation of the penetration and efficacy of antibiotics in experimental intraperitoneal abscesses and clnical absesses.
Susan Pacheco, M.D. Infectious Disease C. difficile asymptomatic carriage of patients in VA long-term care facilities
Jorge Parada, M.D. Infectious Diease  
Relationships between antibiotic usage and resistance, and development of strategies to interrupt nosocomial infections and antibiotic resistance spread in hospital settings.
Liang Qiao, M.D. Microbiology/ Immunology  
Role of regulatory T cells in GVHD and tolerance.
Gail Reid, M.D. Infectious Disease Viral and fungal infections in transplant recipients,
Tulio E. Rodriguez, M.D. Hematology/ Oncology 
Prevention and Management of Infectious Diseases in cancer patients and stem cell transplant recipeints
Paul Schreckenberger, Ph.D. Pathology  
Molecular diagnostic systems for detection.
Scott Smith, M.D., Ph.D. Hematology / Oncology  
Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, non-myeloablative transplantation
Patrick Stiff, M.D Hematology/ Oncology  
Opportunistic infections following umbilical cord blood transplantation.
Susan Uprichard, M.D. Hepatology  
Karen Visick, Ph.D. Microbiology/ Immunology  
Mechanisms of bacterial colonization of symbiotic host tissue.
Chris Wiethoff, Ph.D. Microbiology/ Immunology  
.Virus-Host interactions, Vaccines.
Pamela Witte, Ph.D. Microbiology/ Immunology  
Cellular and molecular regulation of B-cell development; hemopoietic microenvironments.
Alan Wolfe, Ph.D. Microbiology/ Immunology  
Signal transduction and gene expression.